To match your lifestyle and desires.

Design your BMW exactly how you wish. At any time you can retrofit appropriate Original BMW Accessories or update software.
Your BMW Service Partner will advise you and help you to find an individual solution. He will offer you the appropriate Original BMW Accessories or the right BMW software and will ensure that the new elements are perfectly integrated into your vehicle.
This enables you to update and customise your vehicle at any time.

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Retrofitting BMW accessories means you can make your vehicle even more individual and fit for your family, work and leisure time. Your BMW Service Partner will advise you and help you to find the appropriate solution. He will offer you Original BMW Accessories in an exclusive design, to match your lifestyle – from an iPod interface via the aerodynamic package right up to a portable navigation system.
It goes without saying that your BMW Service Partner will also provide a regular update for the digital maps on your navigation system. So you can always choose the best route.
Retrofitting BMW accessories not only includes individual advice but also the installation of accessories and their perfect integration into the complex electronics architecture of your BMW.

Software update


Driving pleasure never goes out of date.


A BMW software update optimises and expands the electronic functionality of your BMW, for instance with a new BMW software version of your BMW engine software.


Let your BMW evolve to meet your state-of-the-art needs, for instance with a BMW Bluetooth update. And bring your BMW to even higher levels of driving pleasure and comfort with BMW AC updates.


Of course, your BMW Service Centre will also provide you with regular BMW navigation system updates – so your digital roadmaps are always up to speed. A BMW software update includes everything you need to cut a direct line to your destination.