BMW EfficientDynamics Efficient driving


Lower consumption and increase range with BMW EfficientDynamics.

During the last few years, BMW Efficient Dynamics has introduced a large number of technical solutions into vehicles in order to reduce consumption. However, you the vehicle user also represent a key influential factor. By adopting an efficient driving style you can make fuel savings of up to 25%, depending on the route and traffic situation. This rule of thumb applies to not only diesel and petrol models but also to vehicles with electric, hybrid or hydrogen drives. As an owner of an electric car or plug-in hybrid, you can increase the electric range of your vehicle by up to 30% in this way.
In BMW vehicles fitted with the Intelligent Personal Assistant*, you are now able to ask your BMW questions on efficient driving as well. In response to the question: “How high is my present consumption?” the Assistant gives you tips on how you can save fuel – and, on request, activates the functions to increase efficiency.

*Part of the ID 7 operating concept and the BMW Live Cockpit Professional special equipment option

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EFFICIENT DRIVING. Lower consumption and increase range with BMW EfficientDynamics.


  • 01 Whether combustion engine, plug-in hybrid or electric car: personal driving style can lower consumption by up to 25% in the ECO PRO driving mode.
  • 02 Drivers who adopt an anticipatory style save costs and arrive at their destination more relaxed – ECO PRO helps them to do this.
  • 03 In the case of electrified vehicles, preconditioning increases range and comfort.
  • 04 In your BMW plug-in hybrid, the forward-looking hybrid helps you to drive efficiently when the navigation is activated.
  • 05 From aerodynamics to lightweight construction: BMW vehicles offer many efficiency-enhancing technologies.


Save fuel and electricity with preparatory measures before setting off.

Efficiency starts before you even begin the journey. Regardless of whether your BMW has a petrol or diesel engine, a hybrid drive or a purely electric vehicle, you can lower your fuel or electricity consumption with optimum preparation. Here you can find out which simple measures can increase the efficiency of your BMW still further before you even start your journey.

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BMW EfficientDynamics Remove unnecessary load and add-on parts

As additional weight increases fuel consumption, you should remove any unnecessary load from the vehicle before you start your journey. Furthermore, add-on parts such as roofboxes or bicycle carriers should be removed after use, as they adversely affect the aerodynamics and hence also lead to increased consumption. Carrying out these preparatory measures is a simple way of further increasing the efficiency of your BMW before you even set off.


BMW EfficientDynamics Optimum tyre pressure

Another way of preparing for an efficient trip involves checking the tyre pressure and correcting it as necessary. A tyre pressure below the recommended value increases wear on tyres and fuel consumption. In a partially loaded vehicle, ECO filling pressure* can be used to achieve the lowest possible fuel consumption.

*This function is currently only available within the European Union and in the United Kingdom.


BMW EffiicientDynamics Conditioning prior to departure

The function Conditioning prior to departure* allows you to set a pleasant temperature inside your vehicle with an electric or hybrid drive before you set off on your journey. During the course of the charging operation, this measure can significantly increase the electric range as the necessary energy demand is saved during the trip. This allows you to combine efficiency and comfort.

*This function is only available for BMW vehicles with an electric or hybrid drive.


Reduce fuel and energy consumption during the journey with intelligent functions from BMW EfficientDynamics.

Combustion engine, plug-in hybrid or electric car: regardless of which drive system you have opted for, your BMW supports you in practising an efficient driving style during the journey with intelligent functions such as ECO PRO mode. As a general rule, infrequent and minor acceleration and deceleration situations significantly reduce consumption. For purely electric vehicles, in particular, this means a significantly increased range. You should therefore think ahead while driving in order to avoid or minimise braking situations. Above all, while driving on the motorway, cruising speed is the greatest factor influencing the consumption. Reducing speed by just 20 km/h, for example, means a saving in consumption of up to 20%. With BMW EfficientDynamics you combine low consumption with a relaxed way of driving.

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BMW EfficientDynamics Practical tips for efficient driving


Even more efficient on the road – with intelligent BMW technologies and fuel-saving measures.


Innovative features from BMW EfficientDynamics assist you to significantly reduce petrol consumption during your journey.

From ECO PRO mode and the coasting function, through to the driving style analysis. Your BMW is equipped with many clever functions that help you to adopt an efficient driving style and save fuel.

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BMW EfficientDynamics ECO PRO mode

ECO PRO mode.

ECO PRO includes an intelligent package of technologies that enables drivers to reduce fuel consumption by up to 25%. This involves reducing energy-consuming loads such as the air conditioning system or seat heating for the passengers almost imperceptibly.

In ECO PRO mode, the parameters of accelerator pedal and automatic transmission change. This encourages a sedate driving style with greater fuel economy. When required, however, drivers can still access the full performance by pressing down the accelerator pedal to its full extent.

The Bonus range displayed delivers information on how many additional kilometres have come through the efficiency-optimised driving in ECO PRO mode. The combined consumption display compares the average consumption with the current value.

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BMW EfficientDynamics Engine-off coasting

Engine-off coasting.

Engine-off coasting facilitates consumption-free and emission-free motion of the vehicle with maximum retention of kinetic energy. When the driver’s foot leaves the accelerator pedal, the function switches between coasting and recuperation adaptively on the basis of data from the surroundings. Engine-off coasting is available in vehicles with 48-volt mild hybrid technology. In vehicles without 48-volt mild hybrid technology, the engine remains at idling speed during coasting. Coasting can be experienced in the COMFORT driving mode and in the ECO PRO driving mode with extended availability. The “coasting counter” displays the distance covered in coasting mode.

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BMW EfficientDynamics Driving style analysis

Driving style analysis.

The driving style analysis function helps by providing tips based on the specific situation for developing a more efficient driving style and saving fuel. During the process, driving style is analysed and evaluated in various categories. The evaluation and accompanying tips are shown in the Control Display in the ECO PRO driving mode.

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BMW EfficientDynamics Energy-flow gauge

Energy-flow gauge.

The energy-flow gauge in the Control Display clearly visualises the BMW EfficientDynamics technologies such as coasting, recuperation and the intelligent Automatic Start/Stop function.

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Your BMW plug-in hybrid helps you to adopt an efficient driving style.

As a driver of a BMW plug-in hybrid, too, you have access to the familiar ECO PRO functions. Supplementing them are hybrid-specific functions such as the forward-looking hybrid drive or the adaptive recuperation.

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BMW EfficientDynamics HYBRID ECO PRO mode


HYBRID ECO PRO includes an intelligent package of technologies that enables drivers to reduce consumption by up to 25%. This involves reducing energy-consuming loads such as the air conditioning system or seat heating for the passengers almost imperceptibly.
In ECO PRO mode, the parameters of accelerator pedal and automatic transmission change. This encourages a sedate driving style with greater fuel economy.
The integrated eDRIVE Counter additionally informs you of how many kilometres you have covered without the combustion engine and hence free of emissions.

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BMW EfficientDynamics Adaptive recuperation

Adaptive recuperation.

In newer BMW vehicles with hybrid drive (e.g. BMW xDrive45e) adaptive recuperation comes into operation. This offers a light-footed and efficient style of driving and supports forward-looking motoring in the HYBRID ECO PRO mode. With the aid of an intelligent control system that adapts to the specific situation, the vehicle decides autonomously between coasting and recuperation when the driver’s foot leaves the accelerator pedal. Whether for vehicles ahead, speed limits, roundabouts, turn-offs or built-up areas – the system adjusts the strength of deceleration ideally to the traffic situation. As a result, use of the brake pedal can be reduced and the ride comfort increased – and all of this in an efficient manner.

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BMW EfficientDynamics Woman in front of BMW iX3
  • Individual and adaptive recuperation in the BMW iX3

    In the BMW iX3, the latest generation of BMW electric vehicles, you can set the recuperation phases manually in order to increase the deceleration characteristics significantly. Or, instead, you can leave the choice to the vehicle. It will then select the recuperation level intelligently and reliably on the basis of the traffic situation ahead.
    A key new feature in the BMW iX3 is the option of selecting the driving levels. The driver can choose between driving level D (Drive) and the new driving level B (Brake). With driving level D selected, the characteristics experienced are those of “customary” driving behaviour as is the case in vehicles with a combustion engine and automatic transmission, whereas driving level B activates the “one-pedal feeling” already familiar from the BMW i3. As soon as the driver’s foot leaves the accelerator pedal in driving level B, the vehicle decelerates with a permanently high recuperation level until it comes to a complete standstill. Changing from driving level D to B thus permits a fundamental change in the vehicle characteristics to in line with the customer’s wishes.

BMW EfficientDynamics Trip data analysis in the BMW Control Display


Whether with combustion engine or hybrid drive, you can find out how economically you have driven at the end of the trip. To obtain an overview on the efficiency of your journey, once at your destination you can visualise the kilometre and consumption values for the journey in the menu of the Control Display via Car / Trip info / Trip data. Acting as an indicator of efficient driving in vehicles with a petrol or diesel engine is the display of the distance covered in coasting and the time spent with the motor switched off by the Automatic Start/Stop function. In addition, the sections of the trip in ECO PRO mode appear highlighted in blue in the chart. Among the features displayed in your BMW hybrid are the kilometres travelled in purely electric mode.

BMW EfficientDynamics Consumption and emissions


BMW EfficientDynamics Innovative technologies from BMW EfficientDynamics